Sunday, October 14, 2012

TBR (Procrastination)

Ahhh okay here's my current TBR
Let me say this, I'm typing this solely so I have a reason to procrastinate. I have so much homework and it is concerning (to say the least,) that I haven't started it.

The difference between my 'Hit List' and TBR's is that I already have purchased the books on my hit list..these are ones that at some point in my life I'd like to read.

The Vampire Hunter's Daughter-Jennifer Malone Wright
First Grave on the Right-Darynda Jones
The List-Siobhan Vivian
Barely Breathing-Rebecca Donavan
Looking For Alaska-John Green
Mirage (maybe...)-Kristy Cook
Finale-Becca Fitzgerald

Okay that's it, I guess I should start homework now. Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Know how you feel - I haven't studied for an important math quiz for tomorrow (eek!)

    1. I know, it seems I'm the QUEEN of procrastination.... I'd much rather be reading books then doing math or science!

  2. I'm a total procrastinator too... Since I have my Math year-end exams tomorrow and I'm commenting on your blog *grins*

    I have to go read Crescendo first before moving on to Finale, but I hope it's good! If you read it first, review it and let me know how it is :)

    You blog is really pretty, me likey!

    Let's have fun during the Haunted Week ;)

    1. Can't wait for Haunted week!

      I loved Crescendo! I've heard mixed reviews but I bet you'll like it! Once I review Finale, I'll let you know :) I don't want to spoil Crescendo for you though!

      Ahhhh well let us procrastinators unite! At least our procrastinating method is something "smart" (aka reading books!!!) :)

    2. Oh yeah! Well, that does make me feel much better about my procrastinating ;)