Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Review: Down To You by M. Leighton

Down To You-M. Leighton
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

            Firstly, this book contains lots of graphic sexual situations. Like 50 Shades of Grey graphic.
            This book, despite being maybe considered an "Erotica," has a plot. It is outlined and makes logical sense. It isn't written just for the sex. Olivia, a waitress, becomes involved with a set of twins (seperately, hehehe.) Nash's girlfriend is Olivia's cousin, which obviously complicates things.
            Anyways, I have extremely mixed opinions on this book. I liked some of the characters. I felt Nash wasn't particularly well thought out. Olivia, the protagonist, sort of just makes her mind up about him immediately and goes off that. His characteristics are told not showed...which is a huge downfall.
            Olivia I liked. She seems to get obsessed with both Nash and Cash (cheesy right?) rather quickly, which I found disappointing. Aside from this she is cheeky but not overwhelmingly. Her two best friends, Shawna and Ginger I found very likeable. Midway through the book, Shawna just disappears, which I found bizarre. Ginger is strangely enough my
            The love triangle is hot and complicated. Though I liked both the twins with Olivia, I liked Cash more. He's a bad boy but manages to be endearing. Nash, I couldn't get a full grasp on because I didn't see much in him, I had not idea who he was. Nash is supposed to be a foil for Cash, but it just flat out wasn't effective. It didn't help define the Cash/Nash better, just left the reader bewildered about what their personality traits were individually.
            The ending will leave you extremely confused BUT excited. I love a good twist, and I never saw this coming, which made the book better. If you like a plot that isn't predictable you will love this.
            If you plan on reading this, tread carefully as, like I said, explicit. it is extremely  If you are under 16 do not read. It will be too inappropriate.

Cover Art: 5/10
Characters: 7/10 (Some great, some not so much.)
Plot: 6/10
Pacing: (1 being extremely unhurried, 10 being extremely rapid,): 9/10
Overall: 7/10

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