Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday! Favorite Paranormal YA authors.

Okay...so this is my first top ten tuesday. I know I'm kind of RAGING with these meme's today but there's no way I'm finishing a book tonight so I figure I better do some meme's :)
Just so ya'll know...this meme is hosted by Broke and Bookish

BACK TO THE POINT. Fave Paranormal Ya Writers.
Considering I have like, a bazillion favorite Paranormal YA authors it's kinda hard to narrow it down. But I'll try my best. I know you are supposed to do this from best to least... but I just can't. I love all these authors equally.

1) Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Omigod omigod omigod. Her writing is beautiful, heart wrenching and powerful. I love all of her characters in the Raised by Wolves series. Plus Tattoo and Fate are great!

2) C. C. Hunter. I mean, how could you NOT love her writing. It's funny, relatable and unique. I can't wait to read Whispers at Moonrise.

3) Cynthia Hand... whoa whoa whoa. When I first read Unearthly, I stayed up all night to finish it. I was at our Maine rental place and my cousins were sharing a room with me and wanted to kill me! I don't care though... her writing is romantic and distinctive.

4) Okay, I may get 'in trouble' for this one...but Amanda Hocking. I know I know I know everyones like she's another Stephanie Meyer! And I understand that but she does write a completely original, fast-paced and (best of all) romantic plot. I'm yet to read one of her books and not like it, so I had to include her.

5) Kelley Armstrong! I do an exclamation mark because her writing is the BEST. Her writing is effortless, almost like she is speaking rather than writing. It seems so natural.

6) Rachel Hawkins. Her humor, which you can see evidently in her books, makes her novels complete. She writes a great plot line, but the snarky protagonists add to her books as a hole!

7) Abbi Glines, read all of her books in a week. Couldn't stop myself. The characters are relatable and the romance is so dang hot!

8) Robin Lafevers, this girl can seriously WRITE. Literally, Grave Mercy may be my favorite book ever. Which is funny cause...I read some negative reviews and was like ehhh should I buy it? I'm so glad I decided to because it was INCREDIBLE. The plot is unlike anything I've ever read.. fighting nuns in a historic setting. With paranormal. It's like my dream book and I had to include Robin in here because she wrote this beautiful gem.

9) Amy Plum...purely for the romance. The plot in "Die For Me" series are good, but it's the characters love story that she focuses on more. And it was a good idea because the romance was both steamy and beautiful.

10) Cara Lynn Shultz. Great author, of Spellbound/Caster writes beautiful characters. Her characters are one-in-a-kind, and I can't wait for her future books. Like seriously. Also...Spellbound/caster takes place in NYC. Which is a huge plus. I love books that take place in NYC!


  1. Hey, I'm completely with you on Amanda Hocking. I tore through her Trylle series, and that was before I realized how big she was. :)

    1. Same! I didn't really know that she was that famous and had a reputation (sort of a bad one I guess...depending on the person.) Regardless, I love her books. They are so action-packed and romantic! The Trylle series' plot is unlike anything I've ever read! Can't wait for her next book.

  2. I'm really glad to see so many lists mentioning Jennifer Lynn Barnes!! I loved her Golden and Raised by Wolves series but don't usually see a lot of buzz for her! I love Kelley Armstong and Rachel Hawkins too, their books are so easy to get sucked into.

    Awesome list Eliza. :) New follower here.
    -Alysson @ Thought Casters

    1. Ahhh seriously Raised by Wolves set a new standard for paranormals, in my opinion! Kelley and Rachel are great authors, love their books so much.

  3. Oh my oh my god, you are totally right for #8. Robin Lafevers rocks!

    I totally adored Grave Mercy and you have to read my review here. I gushed about it so much :D

    I agree a lot with your list, plus I couldn't resist buying Switched. I had to know if Amanda Hocking was worth the hype! Will let you know what I think about it ;)

    1. Ahhhh finally someone who likes Grave Mercy :) I'll read your review tonight! Let me know what you think of Switched!