Thursday, October 25, 2012

Haunted Week Day 2: Bats in Your Book Pages

Day two! Happy Haunted Games! (jokes jokes, Happy Haunted Week. Whoa I'm lame.) Number two is Basically, what makes you crazy when reading? What are the bats in your book pages? Here are five of mine:

1) Terrible romance.
Eek, I can't deal with a bad romance (as I'm sure ya'll have noticed!) Anything that's too sappy makes me cringe, and anything that is too complex is annoying...(as in, they won't admit there feelings.) 

2) The one parent cliche.
Okay, before you hate me...just listen. I understand in real life, people are single-parents, widows, divorced, etc. seems in EVERY SINGLE YA fiction book, there is only parent. It's frustrating.

3) Extremely predictable endings
If I start a book and within the first 20 pages I already know the ending because of excessive foreshadowing, I simply won't finish. What's the point of reading a book if you already know the ending, right?

4) Whiney girls.
This is a double edged sword, because in my own life I know so many girls that never count their blessings. (Funny how I'm whining about girls whining...hmmm, I'm ridiculous.) Anyways, I think authors often write girls this way because it's realistic. At the same time, it sometimes hinders me from liking the protagonist, even if I can relate to her issues.

5) Insta-love.
It's sort of frustrating when a girl or a guy automatically falls in love with someone. (I sometimes call it 'Twilight Syndrome'.) I know I've never fallen in love with a guy automatically, and my friends don't do that either. It's just not realistic. Especially when a boy/girl is new to town and just stumbles right into love within like, 5 seconds of being there.

Though these all are things that drive me crazy, if a book has one of the qualities, I don't automatically hate it. If it has 3+ though, it really annoys me! 

HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN! I know I'm excited to eat my weight in candy...Halloween is a really good excuse to eat terrible (for me yet delicious) sweets.


  1. Hahaha, I love your "lame" jokes!

    Great list—I completely agree with #2! I almost included that on my happens way too often in books.

    1. Glad someone enjoys my jokes besides myself! ;)

      Seems we have some similar 'annoyances' when reading!

  2. I posted about the parents and the insta-love too! Haha great post!